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In Nazareth uncovered a cell of the «Islamic state»

Allowed to publish information on the disclosure of a cell of the «Islamic state» in Advance.

Tuesday, December 8, the court sent the indictment against five residents of Natzeret: 22-year-old Awad al-Karim stolen by a demon, 18 year old Mahmoud stolen by a demon, a 21-year-old Awad stolen by a demon of, 19-year-old Mahmoud stolen by a demon and 17-year-old Murad stolen by a demon. All of them were detained during a joint operation by the General security service and the police in October this year. All of the detainees are relatives.

The indictment indicates that the detainees, sharing the views of leaders of Islamic state, created a terrorist cell to carry out terrorist attacks in Israeli territory. Members of the group were armed and carried out military exercises on the outskirts of Nazareth.

After arrest detainees are handed over to the security services of self-loading carbine Simonov (SCS) and the submachine gun M45.

Note that in case papers there is no mention of the fact that members of the cell kept in touch with the leaders of the Islamic state in Syria or received them from the job.

September 3, Minister of defense Moshe ya’alon declared the organization «Islamic state» illegal terrorist organization. This means that the establishment of branches of this organization in Israel, fundraising, recruiting new members or membership in this organization is punishable by law. Anti-terrorist legislation passed in Israel in 1948, provides for membership in a terrorist organization, the punishment of imprisonment from three to twenty years.

In Nazareth uncovered a cell of the «Islamic state» 08.12.2015

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