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In Netanya, the presentation of the project «Pro national security»

Thursday, may 25, in Netanya, the official presentation of the project «Pro national security». Open the project started with a solemn wreath-laying ceremony to the Monument of the red army’s victory over Nazi Germany.

Brigadier General retired, former head of analytical Department of military intelligence AMAN Gadi Zohar, together with a Brigadier General in reserve, pilot Baharom Israel, «the record for knocking down MiG» honored the memory of fallen soldiers.

«We came here to honor the memory of fallen soldiers of the red army and allied military units, not sparing their lives in the struggle against the evils of the world, – said General Gadi Zohar. Among those who fought and died on the fronts of the war were Jews – more than half a million Jewish soldiers and officers fought with the Nazis. Unfortunately, the contribution of Jewish soldiers in the victory over Nazism and the heroic part in this approximation, the victory of Jewish warriors are underrepresented in contemporary curricula. We therefore call upon all government agencies on which it depends, to fill the gaps in the upbringing and education of the current generation.»

The next stage of acquaintance with the project «Professional national security» was the meeting of Russian-speaking journalists and bloggers with the former Deputy head of the «Mossad», the former head of special operations, foreign intelligence Rami Ben-Barak. He spoke about the current situation in the sphere of security, details focusing on the problems of the terrorist threat in Europe, the issues of conflict and cooperation between the two superpowers, the USA and Russia and their interest in the middle East, explaining the implications for the world in General and Israel in particular of the consequences of the «Arab spring». Ben-Barak also talked about the situation in Syria, where a bloody civil war. Speaking about the global problems of international terrorism, Ben-Barak suggested that «Islamic state» is likely in the end will be destroyed, however, generated by this terrorist organization ideology and attitudes in the Muslim world will persist for a long time and fight their spread will have at least as serious as directly with the terrorist group.

As explained by one of the leaders of the project «Pro national security» Roman Gurevich, the purpose of the project, which involved former leaders of power structures («Mossad», the Shin bet, AMAN, etc.), is to give people information about the most exciting and topical developments. The PNB project operates in cooperation and with the support of the Council for peace and security, it is supported by hundreds of retired high-ranking officers of power structures of Israel.

In Netanya, the presentation of the project «Pro national security» 26.05.2017

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