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In Northern Syria, clashes broke out between Hizbullah and troops of the Assad regime

Many Arab media, in particular the Syrian site Syrian Mirror and the Lebanese website Ya Libnan reported that on Thursday, June 16, in the vicinity of Aleppo clashes took place between militants of Hizbullah and the forces of the regular army of Bashar al-Assad.

According to these sources, this kind of collision occurred in two villages located to the South of Aleppo, in Northern Syria.

It is the first such incidents. Hizbullah has traditionally supported the Assad regime and has spent considerable resources to rescue the regime.

According to the Syrian Mirror, aircraft of the regular Syrian army attacked the positions of «Hezbollah» in the region of Aleppo. In addition, against the militants of the «Party of Allah» the Syrian military was used artillery, mortars and heavy machine guns. In the airstrikes and shelling killed and wounded dozens of militants.

As possible causes of such actions, the media called the failure of Hizbullah to abide by the terms of the cease-fire declared the day before at the initiative of Russia. The leadership of Hizbullah stated that it will not allow the opposition forces to take advantage of the benefits that they receive against the background of the truce, and announced the continuation of hostilities.

Ya Libnan quoted in connection with the conflict between Damascus and Hizbullah statement in Facebook Deputy of the Syrian Parliament Sharif, Shade that criticized the position taken by the command of the «Party of Allah», stressing that strategic decisions should be taken by the leadership of the Syrian army, and not any other structures. He appealed to the «sons of Hezbollah» with the reminder that they arrived in Syria to support Assad, not to rule.

Earlier, there were reports of dissatisfaction with the actions of the Russian army in Syria from the Lebanese Hizbullah and the Iranian leadership.

In Northern Syria, clashes broke out between Hizbullah and troops of the Assad regime 17.06.2016

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