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In opposition to Trump Apple has issued a «green bond» in the amount of $1 billion

After the President of the United States Donald trump announced the exit of its country from among the signatories to the Paris climate Convention, Apple released the bond in the amount of billion dollars intended for projects for the development of clean energy and environmental protection.

About it writes on Tuesday, June 13, the news Agency Reuters.

The publication notes that a year ago Apple released its first «green bond» in the amount of one and a half billion, the largest in US history, in support of the Paris agreement.

In an official statement the company says that the move is designed to symbolise the commitment of the flagship of the American economy the objectives set by this document.

«The business community attaches great importance to the struggle for the elimination of the threat of climate change and protecting our planet», – quotes Agency the words of Lisa Jackson, Vice President of Apple’s environmental issues, policies, and social initiatives.

The Paris climate Convention entered into force on 4 November 2016, and was signed by 195 countries, including Israel. It is designed to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2020. The Convention calls to prevent the increase in average temperature more than two degrees Celsius until the end of the XXI century. Unlike the Kyoto Protocol, the new agreement does not set emissions limits depending on the level of industrial development of different countries, and also leaves to the discretion of governments to determine national policy in this area.

On June 1, Goode Donald trump during a press conference at the White house announced that the US will come out of the Paris climate agreement.

«To protect America and its citizens, the United States will come out of the Paris climate agreement,» said Donald trump. However, he noted that his administration is ready to begin negotiations to enter into an agreement for a new, more equitable, conditions.

During the election campaign, trump criticized the document and called the theory of global warming in General, «fraud», the purpose of which is to weaken the American economy. It was supported by congressional Republicans previously voted for withdrawal from the Paris agreement.

In opposition to Trump Apple has issued a «green bond» in the amount of $1 billion

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