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In Panama, four children were born with microcephaly in mothers affected with the virus zika

The Ministry of health of Panama reported that the country has recorded four cases of children born with microcephaly mothers infected with Zeke during pregnancy, reports Reuters.

According to the Panamanian Ministry of health, in this state, identified 14 women who are infected with zika virus during pregnancy. In addition to the four cases of infants born with signs of microcephaly, registered two cases of birth of children with other serious developmental disabilities.

The Panamanian government urged people to intensify the fight against the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which transmit the virus zika.

This week, Brazilian scientists have suggested that the virus zika, which has led to thousands of cases of children born with microcephaly, is the cause of other neurological diseases and can cause various forms of brain damage of the fetus in 20% of the virus-infected pregnant women.

The virus continues to spread in South America, although after the fever became more known, the rate of spread of the disease was significantly reduced.

Zika fever caused by a virus is transmitted to humans through the bites of mosquitoes, Aedes Aegypt. The virus originated in Africa, then swept Latin America. The recent fever cases Zeke noted in Europe and the United States.

February 1 this year, the who declared the rapid spread of the virus zika emergency on a global scale.

Zika fever in its acute form, usually does not lead to the death of a patient, but man the rest of his life remains a carrier of the virus. The virus is most dangerous for pregnant women.

At the moment, there are no medicines, no vaccines against the virus zika. According to who estimates, the creation of such a vaccine will take at least a year.

The only way to resist the virus, Zeke currently is the fight against mosquitoes which are the vectors.

In Panama, four children were born with microcephaly in mothers affected with the virus zika 05.05.2016

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