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In Papua New Guinea found the skull of a victim of the tsunami that swept 6,000 years ago

The skull was found in 1929 in the city Aitape located in Northern, Papua New Guinea, which, according to anthropologists, is 6.000 years old, the victim of the tsunami.

The findings of scientists published in Thursday, October 26, in the scientific journal PLOS One.

Earlier anthropologists believed that the skull belongs to the species Homo Erectus – Homo erectus, which died out 140,000 years ago. However, the results of conducted research indicate that the finding is not more than six thousand years, and a soil test on the site of the discovery of the skull led them to the conclusion that it belongs to the person who died in the tsunami.

«The bones were very well researched, but the study of the sediments, where they were discovered, had previously received little attention,» explained one of the authors, Professor James Goff from the University of New South Wales.

In the soil samples were found diatoms and oceanic precipitation with chemical resemblance to samples taken in the region after the tsunami of 1998. This proves that six thousand years ago the region suffered from a devastating tsunami.

It is not excluded, however, that the owner of the skull could die and be buried before a tsunami, although this scenario is considered unlikely anthropologists.

In 1998, the earthquake in Papua New Guinea began tsunami waves that reached 15 metres. Victims of elements became more than two thousand people.

In Papua New Guinea found the skull of a victim of the tsunami that swept 6,000 years ago

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