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In response to sanctions, Russia will «strike» on U.S. currency

The Russian foreign Ministry has announced that it intends to reduce dependence on the dollar in connection with the restrictive measures of the USA. According to Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov, the latest anti-Russian sanctions by the US will have «long term effects», and the Kremlin in response, intends to strike in U.S. currency.

The Deputy foreign Minister said that in response to new restrictive measures, Moscow is going to strengthen the process to reduce dependence on the U.S. payment system, as well as to abandon the dollar as a settlement currency.

The Russian foreign Ministry believes that in the current environment is becoming a necessity, as otherwise they «will sit on amerikanskom the hook» – which seeks, in their view, Washington.

«Still, I hope to confrontation will not happen, and we will work in that if not to fully normalize, then find ways to minimize the damage from the incident», – quotes the words of the official magazine «international life».

«According to our estimates, without the sanction of both houses of Congress, without the decision-making that law would undo what they have done in Russian-American relations, to get rid of this would be difficult and time it will take a lot. It is a fact», – said the Russian official.

Ryabkov says that Russia is important to create a workable economic system where dependence on the dollar will be substantially reduced.

However, the former Deputy Finance Minister Oleg Vyugin, Professor of the faculty of economic Sciences, believes that Russia can not abandon the dollar – part of the Russian reserves are in American securities, and in the Russian commercial banks have us dollar accounts, RIA Novosti reported.

«The choice of dollar or dollar – is the choice of non-governmental organizations and their customers. What would you choose, and will to serve, and if forced to act, it will be very painful. You can reduce the amount of dollar reserves of the Central Bank to boost the Euro, but the horseradish radish is not sweeter» – Vjugin has formulated his point of view.

In response to sanctions, Russia will «strike» on U.S. currency

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