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In Riga honored the memory of the Latvian soldiers of the SS

On 16 March in Riga hosts the traditional March of former legionaries SS. Among the participants — only a few veterans of the Second world war. Sympathizers much more. The order is guarded by hundreds of police.

March is traditionally accompanied by anti-fascist demonstrations. The participants accused Latvia of the rehabilitation of fascism, Recalling the role of the local henchmen of Hitler in the destruction of the Jewish community of the country.

Note that Ministers, public servants and the military are prohibited from participating in the March resolution
government. The authorities stress that in the course of the war Latvia lost its independence, and its citizens were forcibly mobilized into the Red army and the Nazi part.

At the same time, the government notes that the March allows the veterans to remember their fallen brothers in arms. It encourages the public, media, political movements and non-governmental organizations to treat this with understanding.

Day Legionnaire was installed Latvian émigrés in the memory of the participants of the struggle with the red army. The date was chosen on March 16, 1944, the first battle between the Legionnaires and the Soviet troops. After independence it was celebrated in Latvia, however, the official holiday, he did not.

In Riga honored the memory of the Latvian soldiers of the SS 16.03.2017

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