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In Rio de Janeiro started the carnival: party in the epidemic and violence

Brazil began the traditional carnival: this year it took place against the gloomy background of the epidemic of violence and mass layoffs.

A few weeks before the start of the holiday in the country was marked by an epidemic of yellow fever. Currently confirmed information on more than 350 cases.

In addition, at the end of last year, according to the institutions and organizations of Rio de Janeiro, a wave of layoffs, due to the difficult economic situation – as a result, was fired about 80 thousand people. Under the «downsizing» was the staff of the famous Samba schools.

Also the beginning of the year was overshadowed by the outbreak of violence in January, the number of reported shootings in the city streets has reached 22, while last year it was «only» about 16 incidents per day.

However, «the biggest party in the world» was launched late on Friday evening, February 9. It is assumed that during the carnival, which will last 9 days in Rio will attracts at least 6.5 million people, including at least half a million tourists from different countries.

The Central event of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, as always, the contest will be the parade of Samba schools, which takes place in the sambódromo «Marques de Sapucaí» extended by 700 meters area with bleachers on both sides, built in the 1980-ies by the famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. Participating in the competition teams – similar to the football teams are divided into leagues, the highest of which is a Special League.

To evaluate the performance of each team will have a jury consisting of prominent public figures, musicians, actors, artists, architects and journalists.

In Rio de Janeiro started the carnival: party in the epidemic and violence 10.02.2018

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