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In Rome, found the second arch of Titus, dedicated to the victory over the Jews

In the course of excavations on the site of the circus Maximus in Rome, were discovered the ruins of the second triumphal arch, dedicated to Emperor Titus. It was located a kilometer away from the preserved arch, decorated with bas-relief of the looting of the Jewish temple.

The existence of this structure was known – it appears in old maps and found in the descriptions of the Eternal city. However, to find it was only due to the ten-year excavation of a Racecourse known as the circus Maximus – circus Maximus.

Arch dedicated to the victory in the Jewish war, served as the ceremonial gate through which the chariots drove to the track, accommodating more than 250,000 spectators. Its construction began in accordance with the decision taken by the Senate in 81.

According to the publication of the newspaper «Haaretz», the width of the arch were 17 meters and a height of about 10 meters. She was crowned with the statue of the conqueror of the Jews ruling the Quadriga. Such chariots competed and the driver.

According to the archaeologists, we are talking about one case, when victory in the war marked by two triumphal arches. They believe that the initiator of the construction was the brother and successor of Titus – Domitian.

Devoid of the charisma of his brother and father, the founder of the Flavian dynasty of Vespasian, he tried to enlist the gratitude of the Romans with the help of monumental projects. These projects have been an important element of Imperial propaganda, designed to demonstrate to the world that Rome has no competitors.

Note that for these purposes has been spent a large part taken out of Judah’s treasures. These funds was built the Flavian amphitheatre, better known as the Colosseum. Like the circus it was meant to provide spectacles of the Romans – at the expense of the state Treasury.

In Rome, found the second arch of Titus, dedicated to the victory over the Jews 20.03.2017

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