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In Russia rallies against corruption. A text stream

Monday, June 12, in dozens of cities in Russia rallies against corruption, declared Alexei Navalny. Many of the detained, including Navalny himself.

In Moscow detained about 750 people in St. Petersburg — about 900, according to RBC with reference to the coordinator of legal aid «OVD-info» Alla Frolova.
In General, public events and festivities dedicated to the celebration of Russia Day, involved more than 2.5 million people» — quoted the interior Ministry «Interfax».

Alexei Navalny decided to arrange a provocation, inviting people to come to the rally on Tverskaya street, said in an interview to TV channel «Rain» Deputy Secretary General Council of «United Russia» Yevgeny Revenko. According to him, this is due to fears that it will gather less people than the organizers of the rally against the renovation may 14. Revenko claims that the Bulk of the «deceived people and provoked to violate the law.»

Naina Yeltsin also commented on the protests on 12 June, which were held in dozens of cities across the country. In her opinion, the protest is citizens ‘ right, guaranteed by the freedom.

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has refused to comment on uncoordinated action against corruption, which is in the centre of the capital.

On Pushkin square in Moscow near the building where the editorial office of the newspaper «Izvestia», the protesters used gas, the correspondent of «Open Russia». According to the chief editor of «media zones» Sergei Smirnov, it was pepper gas.

Coordinator of the movement «Open Russia» Maria Baronova and Chairman of the movement Alexander Solovyov was detained at anti-corruption rally in Moscow. «Was detained by the employees who did not introduce himself shoved into a paddy wagon, not saying where he was taken,» — said Solovyov.

The correspondent of «Rain» reported that in Pushkin square, the police used batons to protesters.

According to eyewitnesses, on Pushkinskaya square and Tverskaya street continued detention, flooding towards the square in the new vans.

The rally in St. Petersburg is coming to an end.

Continue. Detention. But people drift apart slowly. There is no Leader and understanding what to do. Petersburg

— Arseny Vesnin (@ars_ves) June 12, 2017

Navalny faces up to 30 days of administrative arrest.

TASS reports with reference to the press service of the Metropolitan police that «in the holiday festivities in Moscow, attended by about 270 thousand people.»

Meanwhile, RIA Novosti…

In Lugansk held a flash mob in honor of day of Russia

— RIA Novosti (@rianru) June 12, 2017

Tverskaya street the metal detector shut to the entrance.

— Max Katz (@max_katz) June 12, 2017

On Mars field in St. Petersburg, chanting «Down with the king!».

The head of Department of regional security and combating corruption of the mayor of Moscow Vladimir Chernikov traditionally said that «employees of the Moscow police acted in strict compliance with the law.»

The correspondent of the «Open Russia» informs, that on Pushkin square turned on the gas.

Gathered on Pushkin square chanting «Shame!» and «Russia without Putin!».

The crossing of Tverskoy Boulevard and Tverskaya street

— Leonid Volkov (@leonidvolkov) June 12, 2017

Yashin said that with him in the paddy wagon are 22 people, among them minor.

The guys in our paddywagon fighting spirit) being taken to the police Department

— Ilya Yashin (@IlyaYashin) June 12, 2017

Coordinator, «Open Russia» in St. Petersburg, reports that the Champ de Mars are at least 10 thousand people.

It is reported that the number of detainees in St. Petersburg exceeded 150 people. In the center of Moscow, according to «OVD-info», nearly 100 detainees.

Among the detained in Moscow the Director of Fund of struggle against corruption Roman Rubanov.

I was detained by the police at the site of the rally.

— Roman Rubanov (@rrubanov) June 12, 2017

On Pushkin screws all in a row. Photo: Open Россия

— The open (@openrussia_org) June 12, 2017

Students in Tver seized a garbage truck..

— Konstantin Rykov (@rykov) June 12, 2017

Mayakovka is also detention. And a lot of police. The passage on Tverskaya street closed

— Alexey Abanin (@aban_in) June 12, 2017

Detained former Deputy Chairman of the party PARNAS Ilya Yashin.

Yashin @IlyaYashin, we are with you! #12июня #degrassi

— Ilya Galiev (@i_galiev) June 12, 2017

Here life hack: posters on Tverskaya is not allowed, but girls-teenagers on the spot for their write — articles of the Constitution

Here Shepelin (@ilya_shepelin) June 12, 2017

Navalny will make protocols on an administrative offense.

In St. Petersburg on the Champ de Mars, the arrests started. The number of detainees in St. Petersburg is already at least 50 people.

Many people in Petersburg are detained

— Arseny Vesnin (@ars_ves) June 12, 2017

People are removed from the monument

— Arseny Vesnin (@ars_ves) June 12, 2017

The correspondent of TV channel «Dozhd» reports that in Moscow riot police detain people near the metro station «Tverskaya».

Tied some bum lying on the ground and shouting “Putin — the President of scoundrels”

— Plushev (@plushev) June 12, 2017

In other cities of Russia the number of detainees is 47 people.

The participants of the rally against the renovation on Sakharov Avenue, where he began the first arrests move in the direction of Tverskaya street, where will be held an unauthorized anti-corruption procession.

Alexey Navalny shortly before the protests in Moscow have detained at an entrance of his house. We will remind, on March 26, the day previous anti-corruption rally in Moscow, Navalny was also detained before the procession along Tverskaya.

Hi. This Is Yulia Navalny. All the holiday. Alexei was detained at the entrance of the house. He said to tell you that plans don’t change: Tver.

— Alexey Navalny (@navalny) June 12, 2017

Simultaneously with the detention of Navalny was blocked his website, and in the FBK office in Moscow — the electricity is disconnected.

Previously, the Moscow authorities stressed that the police will not detain citizens who are «quietly walking». Citizens, who have «special» feelings, the police can «notice». It said on air of «echo of Moscow» head of Department of regional security and combating corruption Moscow Vladimir Chernikov.

In St. Petersburg, where on the Champ de Mars to take place anti-corruption campaign, police visits to opposition activists. Meanwhile, to the center of the city pull together the police. On the Champ de Mars are already dozens of paddy wagons.

In other Russian cities where there are anti-corruption campaigns, continued detention of activists.

On the eve of Navalny released an emergency message on the transfer of shares with Sakharov Avenue on Tverskaya street. The rally on Sakharov was agreed with the authorities, but, according to Navalny, the organizers could not find one contractor who would set up the stage for the meeting. According to contractors, they were under pressure from the Moscow city hall. The transfer of shares to Tverskaya street, the Moscow authorities called a «provocation».

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In Russia rallies against corruption. A text stream 12.06.2017

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