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In Saudi Arabia discovered hundreds of mysterious stone gates of the Neolithic

In a future issue of the journal Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy will be published an article concerning a strange stone structures discovered on the lava fields of the highlands Kharat of khaybar in Saudi Arabia. This writes the magazine Newsweek.

Australian archaeologist David Kennedy is studying them for several decades using, including the latest achievements of satellite cartography. He found approximately 400 structures, which are called «gates» — in connection with a characteristic form.

Structures known to the Bedouins as «ancient people». Monuments are distributed very unevenly: there are places where they almost touch, but many are isolated. The longest of them is 550 metres, the shortest is 13 meters.

Such structures, having the form of wheels or fly a kite, met a scientist before. As expected, they were used to corral animals. However, «gate», discovered Kennedy built much earlier — their age 9,000 years, they date back to the Neolithic era.

The scientist recognizes that the stone monuments at this stage remains a mystery, but notes that they were very important to those who erected. Kennedy is convinced that further research will bring us closer to a solution.

In Saudi Arabia discovered hundreds of mysterious stone gates of the Neolithic 23.10.2017

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