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In Saudi Arabia patented umbrella with air conditioning

According to The Saudi Gazette, living in Mecca, the engineer Muhammad Hamid SIIG developed and patented a special umbrella that is designed for the participants of the Hajj. He got the name «Umbrella of Mecca.»

The pilgrimage once in a lifetime should make every Muslim will be held in 2017 in early September. According to forecasts of weather forecasters, daytime temperatures will exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

Many pilgrims, especially from Europe and North America, use an umbrella to protect from the scorching sun. SIIG decided to improve its design.

According to the publication, the engineer equipped it with air conditioning that can be powered by solar panels on the canvas of the umbrella, and batteries. You can connect the container with water for spraying.

The inventor said he initially wanted to limit fan, but decided to continue working on design improvement.

Unfortunately, in article not reported exactly how the «Umbrella of Mecca» and that it cools it open from all sides design. It can be assumed that the relief it brings only the head of a member of the Hajj.

In Saudi Arabia patented umbrella with air conditioning 13.07.2017

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