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In Saudi Arabia revealed a depraved six million customers social networks

A study conducted by Saudi sociologist Ibrahim al-Suhaimi, found that the Internet and specifically social networks played in Saudi Arabia a leading role in the spread of debauchery, godlessness and opposition sentiment.

In the study, the expert found that more than 6.700.000 home pages of individual users and groups in social networks contain characteristics of at least one of these phenomena.

According to the findings of al-Suhaymi, in 99% of cases the youth get acquainted with debauchery, godlessness and calls for political reform with the help of the Internet. The most dangerous for the younger generation he calls Twitter, followed by Facebook and Youtube.

«94% of customers, that is about 6,38 million accounts, publish indecent materials. 4% is the promotion of perverted political beliefs. 0.55% relate to deviant religious forms, 0,52 – cultural and economic variances,» said the scientist.

The sociologist noted that the special harm of such materials bring the relations in the family – after all, the «adulterers» are against polygamy, condemning early marriage and convince women not to rush into having children. Owners of «perverted» political beliefs support holding demonstrations against the regime, by facilitating the terrorists.

In Saudi Arabia revealed a depraved six million customers social networks 03.12.2015

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