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In southern Goa killed Irish tourist, mutilated her face

28-year-old Irish Daniel MacLaren was raped and murdered in South Goa, on the beach Palolem, reports The Sun.

Her body was found in a pool of blood, while the girl’s face disfigured killer broken beer bottle. Information about the murder of Daniel became public after the media got evidence to the British tourists, friends MacLaren, appeared on the scene along with police. They were outraged, as is conducted in the investigation: according to them, the body «stamped and photographed at least 30 people».

One of the friends of the murdered girl, Susan, told that the day before she and Daniel were present at the traditional spring festival, Holi, was suddenly surrounded by Indians. One of them, according to Susan, walked up to her and touched her Breasts.

On suspicion in murder of Irish tourist has been detained 24-the summer Vicat Bhagat. The representative of Green Park resort, where the rest of Danielle and her friends noticed that Bhagat has been repeatedly detained by the police for theft: all against him was filed 16 complaints. However, until now, he was free. «India is a beautiful place, but you can’t trust the police,» said one of her friends killed.

In southern Goa killed Irish tourist, mutilated her face 18.03.2017

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