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In tel Aviv, a rally of left-wing activists

On Saturday evening, may 27, at Rabin square in tel Aviv held a rally of supporters of leftist parties and social organizations. It was organised by the radical leftist movement «peace now» with the support of the parties Avoda and MERETZ, as well as the «Forum of the New Israel» organizations «Stand together», «Move» and other.

The rally is dedicated to what its organizers called «50 years of occupation and the Israeli authorities in the territories». It was held under the slogan «Two States – one hope».

In the event estimates his organizers attended more than 35,000 people. At the same time, the Second channel ITV announced that the rally was attended by not more than 20,000 people.

Speaking at the rally, the head of the parliamentary opposition Isaac Herzog spoke of «Israel’s missed opportunities». The Duke said: «a Few months ago Israel had a historic opportunity to begin an unprecedented regional peace process, which could strengthen the security of our country and lead us out of its international isolation. This was a missed opportunity, as the current leadership of the country driven primarily by fear.»

At the meeting was read and the address of the head of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas. «There is no other way to the end of the conflict, there is no better way to fight terror in the region and worldwide, in addition to the coexistence of two States within the 1967 borders. Palestine alongside Israel, said Abbas ‘ appeal, We agreed with the UN resolutions, adopted them, recognize Israel. There is still a chance to achieve peace. Together we will achieve peace.»

Rally in tel Aviv took place against the background of the survey, the results of which were published on the eve of the Second channel ITV. In this survey, respondents were asked to Express their attitude towards the possibility of a peace agreement on the basis of creating two States within the 1967 borders with exchange of territory and the preservation of Israel’s large settlement blocs. 47% of respondents said that they would support such an agreement, 39% voted against it, 14% said that they do not have an opinion on this issue.

In tel Aviv, a rally of left-wing activists 27.05.2017

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