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In tel Aviv said goodbye to singer Amir Triceram by Gutman

Tuesday, July 25, at the Habima theatre in tel Aviv held a farewell ceremony with the singer Amir Freseros a Gutman, who was drowned in the sea. At the request of the family of the deceased who wish to pursue the singer in the last path came dressed in white and brought white flowers.

The ceremony was attended by the actress Gila Almagor. «It’s hard to describe the anger and shock that had fallen on Amir in the last year and a half. But who am I to understand the ways of the Lord, I can only apologize that we are unable to help to delay the awful end,» she said.

Singer Harel Skaat admitted that for him it was a pleasure working with Amir and sang him a song from the musical «Aladdin.» Broadcaster Ali Azan noted that the country was shocked by the death of him. «You will always be in my heart,» he said.

The ceremony was also made by Eyal, the elder brother of Amir, for the sake of the daughter which the singer threw herself into the sea. «You were a wonderful son and brother, the best uncle, husband and father, which everyone wants,» he said.

Frisher Gutman drowned in the sea near Neve Yam on Saturday, July 22. According to information in the media, Gutman saw a wave covered his companion, and the 5-year-old niece, and he rushed to their aid. A few surfers were in the sea, washed the girl and the woman. Amir Gutman was discovered later. When he pulled out of the water, he was not breathing.

Almost days doctors hospital «Rambam» fought for his life. Sunday, July 23, at about 15:30 they said that they stopped resuscitation, as the chances of saving the patient’s left.

After death the body Frisher Gutman was transferred for examination to establish whether there is relationship between what the body of the singer was not able to cope with the consequences of the accident and the treatment that he was held for several months.

In the beginning of last year the doctors told Gutman that he had lymphoma. Already was the date of transplantation of bone marrow when it was revealed that the error occurred. Amir was not lymphoma, but a rare infectious disease — Kikuchi, whose symptoms are misled oncologists. Saturday, July 22, Amir Frisher Gutman gathered on the beach with their friends and relatives to celebrate the «second birth» — the day when he became aware of the fact that he doesn’t have cancer.

In tel Aviv said goodbye to singer Amir Triceram by Gutman 25.07.2017

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