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In Texas forbid transgender people to use public bathrooms

The Republican-controlled Senate of Texas voted for the bill, effectively banning transgender people to use public bathrooms, according to Reuters.

Under the bill, all restrooms, showers and dressing rooms in public schools and other public institutions will be used «only for people of the same gender specified in the birth certificate» and not in accordance with their gender identification.

Note that a similar law passed in North Carolina, was quickly cancelled, which led to boycott by a number of sports organizations and businesses and the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.

We will remind, in February of this year, the White house canceled the previous administration introduced a decree allowing students to choose transgender toilets and bathrooms in accordance with their own gender identity.

We are talking about the decree of the administration of Barack Obama, adopted in may last year. A decree was passed to protect teenagers transgender people from discrimination by fellow students. Then the White house explained that the decree was issued in accordance with the law Title IX, which prohibits schools discrimination on the grounds of gender. It was announced that schools who refuse to comply with the new regulations, may be deprived of state funding.

In the spring of 2016 13 States led by Texas filed a lawsuit against the decree, and the County judge in Texas temporarily suspended the full implementation of the new rules.

Media noted that after the administration’s decision to trump the fate of transgender people in schools will solve the Supreme court, which must decide whether the law Title IX to gender identity, as decided by the Obama administration, or only on gender. The Supreme court may also delegate this issue to the courts of lower instance.

In Texas forbid transgender people to use public bathrooms

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