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In the Arab village near Halamish carried out an act of retaliation for the murder of Israelis

Wednesday, August 9, in the Arab village of Umm Safa (North of Ramallah, a few miles East of the Jewish settlement Halamish) unknown had committed the retaliation.

The Avengers, who burned several cars belonging to local residents, left an inscription, from which it follows that they sought to avenge the murder of three family members Salomon.

On the detention of suspects in the implementation of the action «tag Mehir» were reported. The investigation is being conducted.

On Friday evening, July 21, after the onset of the Sabbath in the settlement of Halamish, located in the local Council of Mate Binyamin, near Ramallah, Arab terrorist has committed an armed attack with the use of bladed weapons. The attack killed three people: Joseph Salomon (70 years), his daughter Chaya Salomon (46 years old) and his son Elad Daniel Salomon (36 years). Tova Salomon, wife of Joseph, were injured.

The terrorist, 19-year-old Umar al-Abad from the village of Kubar was wounded, but survived. According to the data obtained in the course of the investigation, in recent years he has worked actively in student organizations, supervised by Hamas, at the University «al-Quds». Al-Abad had been detained several times by Palestinian preventive security service in the last period of his detention amounted to 10 days.

Al-Abad entered the village, breaking the security fence. At the moment when he climbed over the fence, an alarm is triggered. But IDF unit arrived without delay on this signal. Once in the settlement, the terrorist some time circling, choosing a home, the door is not locked. Around 21:30 he broke into one of the houses, where the guests were sitting, and wounding four people. One of the women who were in the house, locked the children in the room and from there called the police. Lived in the neighborhood a soldier came running at the noise and shot the terrorist, wounding him.

In Halamish live 250 families. Because all families observe Shabbat, their mobile phone on Friday night was off. This explains the fact that the first information about the dead and wounded started to arrive immediately after the attack.

In the Arab village near Halamish carried out an act of retaliation for the murder of Israelis 09.08.2017

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