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In the «boring» presentation, Apple managed to surprise their fans with a new product

At the conference for developers, held in San Jose, Apple introduced updated 11 in a row, the operating system version iOS operating system for computers, as well as «iron» upgrade for laptops and monoblocks. But the most interesting, brand new product, the company held before the end of the evening.

In the new operating system for mobile devices iOS 11 have the opportunity to transfer money to their friends using iMessage and Apple Pay. Completely revised design of the control center, which in the main screen returned a music player.

Electronic assistant Siri has learned to translate on the fly from English in several languages, but support any Hebrew or Russian languages yet.

The most significant changes have affected the iOS version for the iPad that comes close to being a work tool. On the tablet the function of the drug-and-drop interactions between applications and the file Manager. Improved work with PDF files.

Built-in maps app when you zoom displays malls. But in Israel and Russia, this function is not yet working.

The new operating system for Mac computers, which will replace the macOS Siera, was named High Sierra. The main changes have affected the file system, which by default will be Apple File (APFS). Update received Mail and Photos. In Safari appeared blocking the AutoPlay video and intelligent systems track. The developers claim that they managed to create the fastest browser.

Introduced a new iMac, equipped with more powerful processors. In the maximum configuration RAM expanded to 64 GB.

Much more surprised by the new Mac Pro is made in monoblock form. iMac Pro in various versions can be fitted with Xeon processor, having from 8 to 18 cores.

At the presentation were shown the updated version of the iPad, and the iPad Pro with a diagonal of 10.5 reduced.

Finally, the conference presents a brand new Apple product — the «smart» column HomePod, which was rumored before the presentation. The sleek device got 7 speakers and a processor. She is «oriented» in space and is able to control the sound. In addition, the HomePod supports Siri and Apple Music.

In the «boring» presentation, Apple managed to surprise their fans with a new product 06.06.2017

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