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In the capital Jerusalem Parade pride. The protest at the entrance to the capital

At the entrance to Jerusalem, held a protest against the holding of the pride Parade in Jerusalem. In this action involved about 50 people, led by Rabbi Zvi Tau. Radio «Kahn Beth» said that «the protest is peaceful».

Around 16:00 in the Park Gan a-paamon in Jerusalem began to gather the participants of the pride Parade. This year, as in previous ones, to participate in the procession need protium check carried out by the security personnel, and get a special identifying bracelet. To join the procession on its route will be impossible.

At 17:00 the Park started celebrations to mark the start of the pride Parade.

The procession itself will begin at 18:00. This year, the police approved the longest route in the history of gay parades in the capital: its length is two kilometers and it will take place from the Gan a-paamon to the Park and Gan ha’atzmaut, the streets of Plumer, Keren Yesod, king George, Hillel, and Menashe Ben-Israel.

16:00 the police began to block the streets in the area of the event.

In connection with the parade in the capital accepted the raised security measures. Hundreds of policemen posted along the route of the column members.

When holding pride Parades in Jerusalem is always introduced enhanced security measures. However, on July 30, 2015, during the gay pride parade, the police were not able to stop a religious fanatic of Slices Yishai, who with a knife attacked the participants, injuring six of them. One of the victims, 16-year-old Shira Banks, died from his injuries. The court sentenced Slices to life imprisonment and 31-year prison and ordered that the convicted person pay compensation to the injured and the family of the murdered girl in the amount of 258 thousand shekels.

In the capital Jerusalem Parade pride. The protest at the entrance to the capital 03.08.2017

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