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In the cities of Russia under the supervision of Riot police rallies in memory of the victims of the fire in the Kemerovo

In dozens of Russian cities held a rally in memory of those killed in the fire in the shopping centre of Kemerovo. On Pushkin square in Moscow, where after the social network was announced a spontaneous rally gathered, according to media reports, about four to five thousand people. Judging by the photos in social networks, on Tverskoy Boulevard on duty police vans and Riot police.

On Pushkin square candles put the word «Kemerovo» and launched into the sky white balls as was done today in Kemerovo. According to eyewitnesses, the monument to Pushkin covered with flowers.

Came to Alexey and Yulia Navalny, Grigory Yavlinsky and Dmitry Gudkov.

A few hours earlier in Moscow at the Manege square held an official commemoration of the victims of the Kemerovo fire. Radio «Echo of Moscow» has told that the mayoralty of Moscow has instructed to «seize the agenda» the organizers of spontaneous action, when action in Pushkin supported Alexei Navalny. Volunteers at the Manege square were handing people flowers and offered to put their banner with pictures of the victims.

The situation is similar in St. Petersburg. In social networks was announced at 19:00, simultaneously with the Moscow action on the field of Mars, which also lined up paddy wagons. According to media reports, there are already about 800 people. An hour earlier, several hundred people gathered on the Palace square, where the rally, organized by the city authorities.

At the stadium «Saint Petersburg» earlier hung a banner with the inscription «Our country is a «Winter cherry», and we are in it is a petting zoo», but the banner was removed by security.

We recall the morning of March 27, thousands of residents of Kemerovo gathered outside the regional administration building. The participants demanded the resignation of the regional authorities and the information on the exact number of victims of the fire. During the meeting, on the proposal of the mayor of the city, assembled a group of volunteers that went to the tour of the morgue and the buildings are burned-out shopping center.

People did not disperse from the regional administration building in ten hours.

A fire in TTS «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo. 25 Mar 2018

The fire in the shopping centre, «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo started around 16:20 local time. In cinemas on the fourth floor, where the fires occurred at the afternoon session there were a number of adults and children.

According to information published by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, all fire exits in the Mall were blocked. In this case an employee of a private security company when receiving a signal about a fire has disabled the notification system.

Dozens of people managed to escape. The adults rescued the children, and then returned to rescue others, some of them died.

The fire covered an area of about 2 thousand square meters. Fire extinguishing and debris removal lasted more than a day. For fire fighting and search and rescue operations involved more than 500 emergency workers of Russia.

Detained and interrogated five suspects, including technical Director of the company-the owner of the building, tenant of the premises, where, presumably, the epicenter of the fire, the employee and the head of the organization, engaged in maintenance of fire alarm systems. The latter was arrested by the security guard who shut down the alert system.

According to the RF IC, the fire alarm did not work in TTS «Winter cherry» from March 19, it fix no one did.

The cause of the fire has not yet named. Among the major versions is careless handling of fire and short circuit. The version of the attack is not considered. But in social networks, discussing the arson.

As of Tuesday morning, March 27, in the Kemerovo hospitals there are 13 people injured in fire in shopping center «Winter cherry». Among them, have recently come into the consciousness of the 11-year-old boy whose entire family died in a fire.

According to official data, the fire killed 64 people. The relatives of the victims claimed to have killed 41 children. 85 people relatives believe missing.

On March 28, Russia declared mourning for the victims of the fire in Kemerovo.

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In the cities of Russia under the supervision of Riot police rallies in memory of the victims of the fire in the Kemerovo

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