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In the coalition reached a compromise on the issue of Corporation of radio and television

Thursday, March 16, held a meeting of heads of coalition factions on which agreement was reached to allow the crisis associated with the beginning of the Corporation’s radio and television.

Under the agreement, the Corporation will begin its work April 30, as it is written in the law. At the same time it was decided that after the Knesset returns from vacation will start the process of approval of bill to create a structure that controls the activities of the media.

The agreement was developed in the course of contacts between Yoav Horowitz head of the office of the Prime Minister and representatives of the party «Kulanu» under the mediation of the Minister of the interior Aryeh Deri.

A source in the coalition said that all MPs from the coalition factions will vote for the bill in its original wording. This message came on the background of publications, under which the law will be amended.

Despite the resolution of this issue, the crisis in the coalition is far from complete. Currently, the main source of tension is the conflict between education Minister Naftali Bennett and defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

As previously reported, the defense Minister threatened to withdraw funding pedormance preparatory school in the village of Eli if its leader, Rabbi Yigal Loewenstein will not resign. The reason for this was the speech of Rabbi Levinstein, in which a sharp and, according to many, insulting manner spoke against the service of women in the IDF. In response to the resignation of Rabbi Levinstein the head of the «Bayt Yehudi» Naftali Bennett called on the defense Minister to «stop manipulating, using the army and soldiers for political purposes».

At the Cabinet meeting held on March 16, Naftali Bennett criticized the neutral stance taken by the Prime Minister. «You left religious Zionism in the lurch and fail to provide support to one of the most brilliant public projects, whose contribution to the security of the state cannot be overstated,» said Bennett. He demanded to discuss the conflict, but Netanyahu vetoed, as the Cabinet meeting was not attended by the defense Minister.

In the coalition reached a compromise on the issue of Corporation of radio and television 16.03.2017

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