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In the Golan heights evacuated tourists, who have come into a minefield

Sunday, March 12, the military evacuated two hikers who come across a minefield in the area of the bridge Banat Jacob in the Golan heights. No one was hurt.

For search and rescue of the tourists were involved in a helicopter.

Minefields in Israel surrounded by a barbed wire fence and the perimeter is equipped with special signs with a red triangle on a yellow background and lettering in Hebrew and English: «Beware of mines!».

However, rain and melting snow lead to «the spread» mines of the district, who are often «washed out» outside the fenced area. Every year after the opening of the winter season on the Hermon representatives of the office for the liquidation of the old minefields, Ministry of defence appeal to the Israelis with a request to exercise maximum vigilance and to avoid the minefields. They warn that during the snowfall, the road signs may be covered with snow.

In February 2015 as a result of mine explosion in the Golan was critically wounded an IDF officer Irina Binamic.

In may 2013, during the training of demining minefields in the southern part of the Golan heights killed the soldiers of the engineering corps of the Israel defense forces 19-year-old soldier ROI Yisrael Alfie.

In February 2010 during a vacation in the Golan heights 11-year-old boy was undermined on a mine, and his 12-year-old sister suffered multiple shrapnel wounds. In a minefield at the time of the tragedy there were dozens of other people. They claimed not to have seen warning signs and barriers.

In the Golan heights evacuated tourists, who have come into a minefield 12.03.2017

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