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In the hands of a boy who is 10 months complained of pain, doctors discovered the bullet

The doctors at the hospital «Hadassah Ein Kerem» found in the hand of a 12-year-old Mahmoud Dubwana shot 22-caliber. Apparently, the boy was wounded during a shooting at the wedding of his relative.

The boy’s father told NRG that about ten months ago, they with the son were invited to the wedding. During the celebration, someone from the hotel noticed that from the boy’s hands dripping blood. Father inspected the brush son treated the wound means at hand and bandaged it.

All night the boy complained of pain, and in the morning father took the son to a local clinic. The doctor examined the swollen brush of the child, but found nothing. And suggested that the boy was just hurt and pain will soon pass.

According to the father, within two weeks had recovered part of the movement of the brush, and with it came back acute pain, where the child does not sleep at night. The boy’s hand remained swollen.

In the emergency Department for children in the hospital, «Hadassah Ein Kerem» where the father brought the son after only 10 months, the doctors did an x-ray and was surprised to see in the picture the bullet lodged between his thumb and forefinger.

The NRG website reports that after the child spend on drink a course of antibiotics and the swelling goes down, the boy will be operated on.

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In the hands of a boy who is 10 months complained of pain, doctors discovered the bullet 05.06.2017

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