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In the hospital, «Soroka» died 5-year-old boy forgotten in car

The doctors at the hospital «Soroka» reported that the efforts at resuscitation 5-year-old boy taken in critical condition to the emergency Department after he spent a few hours in a locked car, did not succeed. The baby died.

At 18:33 in the service emergency call ambulance «Magen David Adom» reported a 5-year-old boy who was discovered in a locked car in one of the settlements in the Negev.

Paramedic MADA Yaser Abu Regila who went for the challenge, said that the finder of the child people brought him to the crossroads Nabati on highway 25, where the boy of a visor «fast». The child was not breathing and had no palpable pulse.

The press service of the police reported that the child lived in the village of Segev Shalom. The police managed to find the car in which the boy spent a few hours. While police believe that the child was locked in the trunk of a car.

Radio «Kahn Beth» reported that police are investigating two main versions. According to one of them, boy, playing, climbed into the trunk and it slammed shut. Another boy was forgotten in the car parents.

The child’s parents say that day, the whole family went shopping at the supermarket. While they brought bags into the house, the son was left to play outside. But when they again went outside discovered that the boy was gone. His search continued for several hours, until his body was discovered in the trunk of a car.

According to the «Terem,» with the beginning of the year in the Bedouin sector in the result of accidents killed 20 children.

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In the hospital, «Soroka» died 5-year-old boy forgotten in car 11.08.2017

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