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In the Jordan valley ended the first exercises of the special task brigade of the IDF

Recently created the first brigade of special purpose in the IDF completed its first brigade exercises held in the past four days in the Jordan valley.

The team, which consolidated four elite units (the»Egos», «Duvdevan», «Magland» and «Rimon»), practiced different scenarios, including combat operations in the deep rear of the enemy and the assault of complex objects.

Elite division first worked together on such a scale, said the brigade’s commander, Colonel David Zini, noted that today only its subordinate units began to really become one.

A spetsnaz brigade was created on December 27, 2015 team as part of the increases in the effectiveness of military units included in its composition.

The first brigade commander was a former commander of special forces «Egos» Colonel David Zini. The brigade assigned to division «Ozbat ash», which, in addition, includes an amphibious brigade of urgent service and two airborne brigades reservists.

The emblem of the new division was the Hebrew letter «Kuf» (the first letter in the word «Commando» formed by the blade and a curved double-arrow on the background of sea and mountains. The colors black and white symbolize the fact that the soldiers of this brigade maintain combat readiness day and night. The blade suggests that the soldiers of the new unit is ready for close combat with the enemy.

The idea details many special forces of the IDF, each of which was created in response to a specific threat, discussed the military command for a long time, however, the commanders of the districts were strongly against the loss of direct control over their best divisions. The latest attempt to join special forces under one command promoted former chief of General staff benny Gantz, where he held the post of commander of the army, even before the Second Lebanon war. About the Association of four units of special purpose Gadi Eizenkot announced in early July.

Units of the new brigade «Commando». Summary

«Rimon» – the youngest special force created in 2010 following the results of operation «Cast lead» war in the desert. Still was part of the reconnaissance battalion of the brigade «givati» and was placed under the southern command. In times of peace deals, in particular, struggle with the Egyptian smugglers.

His name spetsnaz was in honor of the legendary units of the «Rimon» created by Meir Dagan, on the orders of Ariel Sharon in 1970 to combat terrorist cells in the Gaza strip. This name was assigned to the unit for the operation in which her men found a large cache of hand grenades. Instead of undermine or confiscate grenades, the Department «worked» on them, so the explosion did not occur in five seconds, and a moment after was pulled out of the check. The result of this operation, many Palestinian terrorists have been killed or injured trying to throw the soldiers of the IDF «processed» grenades.

During operation «protective edge» recreated SWAT «Rimon» participated in the elimination of tunnels in the Gaza strip before the beginning of the ground phase. In total, the unit eliminated over 50 terrorists, blown up dozens of tunnels and a substantial Arsenal seized and dismantled weapons and ammunition. The operation unit received the insignia of chief of the General staff and the district commander.

«Magland» – a special unit created to perform tasks behind enemy lines. It was created in the mid 80-ies of XX century on the basis of the intelligence battalions of the airborne brigade, and NAHAL brigade.

The division actively participated in the struggle with Hizbullah in the operation Defensive shield in 2002 and in other operations of the IDF. The unit was awarded the chief of the General staff for participation in the operation «Indestructible rock».

«Egos» – special forces, restored in 1995 on the basis of the Golani brigade for combat operations in southern Lebanon. Specialization of division to combat irregular units of the enemy.

After the withdrawal of troops from Lebanon, the unit retained the «Northern» specialization, however, began to participate in operations on other fronts. On account of the two divisions of the insignia of the chief of staff and two of the insignia of the district commander.

«Duvdevan» – a special unit created in 1986 to combat terror in Judea and Samaria.

The soldiers often operate by posing as Arabs. On account of its three insignia of the chief of staff and several insignia of the district commander and the brigade commander.

In the Jordan valley ended the first exercises of the special task brigade of the IDF 03.02.2016

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