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In the «Kyrie» is a meeting devoted to the crisis over the Temple mount

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, immediately after returning from Hungary, convened a special meeting with representatives of the security forces on the situation around the Temple mount.

Radio «Kahn Beth» reported that the meeting held at the IDF headquarters in tel Aviv.

10-th channel ITV reported that defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman is on vacation and the meeting does not participate.

As previously reported, in recent days, negotiations with the US about ending the crisis over the Temple mount. According to published information, one of the proposals is the removal of metal detectors, however, the preservation of the regime of thorough inspections of people going to the temple mount. The representative of Fatah Hatem Abed al-Qader said that the United States put pressure on Israel, demanding to accept the offer. According to him, the United States intervened in the process of resolving the crisis at the request of Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The representative of Fatah added that Israel must give an answer before the evening of 19 July.

Yesterday it was reported that Israel is weighing the possibility of saving the metal detectors at Temple mount, however, use them for checks only those who is suspicious. The WAQF and the Palestinian Arabs are demanding the complete lifting of the detectors.

Earlier media reported that sources in the security are afraid that the events around the Temple mount can lead to outbreak of riots throughout Judea and Samaria. The command of the Central district decided to cancel the holiday in the five battalions of the IDF, stationed in Judea and Samaria. According to published information, the military will be in a constant state of readiness in the event of unrest in connection with the tensions in the area of the Temple mount.

In the «Kyrie» is a meeting devoted to the crisis over the Temple mount 21.07.2017

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