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In the new year’s eve: 253 immigrant from Ukraine arrived in Israel

Tuesday, December 29, at the airport of a name Ben-Gurion 253 landed immigrant from Ukraine. They were taken the 16th and 17th-mi «flights of friendship», organized by charity organization «Keren Edidut».

Among new immigrants family from Donetsk, George and Vera Steklova. Last years George worked in the land service of the Donetsk airport. Images of the building of the airport in may 2014 showed almost all the world’s media, because in few days the airport has remained the epicentre of the confrontation between Ukrainian soldiers and separatist groups. As a result of negotiations between the parties, employees of the airport, including George, were released from the building. Glazing soon the family decided on the repatriation.

Recall that according to the Ministry of immigrant absorption, the number of immigrants from Ukraine increased in 2015 to the year 11% compared with last year.

In recent months, due to popular demand, the Foundation of Friendship organizes not one, but two flights in a month – from Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk. In total, about 2000 immigrants arrived in Israel with help from the Fund. Among current immigrants 48 children, 7 of them are babies. The youngest immigrant for a period of 3 months. The majority of immigrants choose as your first home in the homeland Haifa, bat Yam and Ashdod. The last time the list was expanded to Ashkelon.

In view of the difficult economic situation of returnees, the Foundation of Friendship allocates$ 1000 to each adult and$ 500 per child, financed the flight to Israel, negotiates with local authorities on assistance in the absorption process, finding housing and employment. All this in addition to the regular benefits new immigrants from the Ministry of immigrant absorption.

Yechiel Rabbi Eckstein, President of the Foundation of Friendship said: «this year the Foundation organized in Israel 17 flights from Ukraine that delivered more than 2,000 immigrants. This suggests that, no matter what, the Jews want to live in Israel. I am sure that next year the number of repatriates from Ukraine will increase. We, for our part, will do everything possible to help them get to the promised Land successfully and be absorbed».

«The Friendship Fund» (Keren Edidut) is a charitable organization that supports the state of Israel and the Jewish people. The Fund was established in 1983 in the United States Jekielek by Rabbi Eckstein. The Fund initiation and establishment of projects, leading to the strengthening of Israeli society.

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In the new year’s eve: 253 immigrant from Ukraine arrived in Israel 29.12.2015

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