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In the North sea were caught two-headed calf porpoises

On the website of the Dutch magazine of nature history Museum Rotterdam (Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam) published photos of dead two-headed calf porpoises caught a few weeks ago fishermen in the North sea.

May 30, Hank Tanis and his companions were fishing in the North sea approximately 30 kilometres off the coast of the Netherlands. Pulling the network out of the sea, the Dutch have discovered in it no fish, and baby sea pig with two heads (Phocoena phocoena), RIA Novosti reported.

Have a two-headed calf porpoises had three eyes and one body. The fishermen were frightened findings and threw it into the sea, believing that such catch illegal from the point of view of EU law and the Netherlands. But before Tanis made a few dozen photos, which were sent to scientists in the natural history Museum in Rotterdam.

Scientists have expressed disappointment over the fact that the fishermen gave them this finding, as ever, two-headed porpoises have not met the researchers. And it would be important to find out possible causes mutation and death of the baby.

According to scientists, judging by the photos, the baby died almost immediately after birth, but because the fishermen did not break any laws, because they were not involved in his death.

These disorders rarely occur among cetaceans. As a rule, their females give birth to only one cub, and the mechanism of occurrence of the second of a zygote in their womb, somehow merging with the first, is still a mystery to scientists.

Porpoises (lat. Phocoenidae) – the family of marine mammals of the suborder of toothed whales. Previously members of the Dolphin family. Distinguished from dolphins by the structure of the skull and teeth, which are conical, and the flattened crown. Porpoises are smaller these dolphins, with a body length of 1.5-2.5 m and weighing about 120 kg, more dense stocky build.

In the North sea were caught two-headed calf porpoises 15.06.2017

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