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In the refrigerator of a resident of Lod, the police found a gun and ammunition

In the fight against illicit arms trafficking on Wednesday, June 21, the police searched the 20-year-old resident of Lod.

In the message a press-services of law enforcement says that the suspect’s house was discovered automatic M-16, a few shops to him and cartridges. Weapons and ammunition were stored in the refrigerator.

The owner of the house arrested. Investigators are working with him.

According to the Israel police, in 2016 throughout the country was conducted 704 operations to detect illegal weapons, which was intercepted 1.289 weapons. In particular, it was discovered 229 grenades, explosive devices 172, 280 pistols, rifles and 372 236 home-assembled firearms.

From the beginning of 2017 until the end of may, the police conducted operations 535, which was intercepted by 952 units of weapons, including anti-tank missiles, grenades 146, 81 explosive device, 215 pistols, rifles, 259, 129 home-assembled firearms and firecrackers 122.

The main source of illegal weapons – base of the IDF. Also, a significant number of weapons stolen from civilians having the right to carry.

Most of the weapons were discovered in representatives of the Arab sector.

In 2016 the case of unlawful possession of a weapon were filed against 2.800 people. About 1,000 cases came to court.

The intensification of police action to combat illicit arms trafficking in the local market of arms there was a significant jump in prices.

So, the rifle M-16 costs up to 70 thousand shekels, gun or explosive device – up to 30 thousand shekels, grenade – up to 2 million shekels, an improvised explosive device tubular type up to 5 thousand shekels.

In the refrigerator of a resident of Lod, the police found a gun and ammunition 21.06.2017

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