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In the state Duma a draft law: criminal responsibility for «discrediting» Russia

Oleg Mikheev, Deputy of the state Duma from party «Fair Russia» introduced a bill providing for criminal liability the penalty for the sum to 2 million roubles for «spreading false and libelous information Russia.

Commenting on his initiative, the MP stressed that this is a necessary measure needed in the current international situation, wrote on Thursday, 10 December, Rossiyskaya Gazeta

«The fight against terrorism and the operation to destroy the forces of extremists in Syria are placing new demands on our legislative database. Russia was even not between two but between three fires – the terrorists that must be fought, the West, which fluctuates, to join with us in the coalition, and Turkey, from ally turned into a subject of conflict» – leads the publication the words of the author of this bill.

Mikheev stressed that inside Russia there were those who wanted to «rock the boat» and work to discredit their own country on the Leninist principle of «wish the defeat of its government». In this situation, according to the MP «to undermine confidence in Russia, that is, to discredit her both inside the country and in the international arena is the game in the hands of extremists».
He calls to introduce criminal liability for discredit of the Russian Federation, supplementing the criminal code article of the same name.

In submitted the draft law clarifies the meaning of the term «discrediting»: the dissemination of deliberately false, inaccurate or distorted information about political, economic, social, military or international situation of Russia, the legal status of citizens in Russia.

For violation of this article prescribed punishment for individuals is a fine of half a million rubles or compulsory work for up to 160 hours. If the discrediting done publicly with use of mass media, the penalty increases to one million, the deadline of obligatory works till 240 o’clock. And when using official position responsibility is even higher – $ 2 million penalty and 320 hours of compulsory work with the prohibition to occupy certain positions within three years.

The MP believes that the proposal is not contrary to the global practice of law: there is a similar article in the Criminal code of Belarus. «I believe that within the creation of the Eurasian Union harmonization legislation of both countries is a logical move,» concludes the Deputy Mikheev.

In the state Duma a draft law: criminal responsibility for «discrediting» Russia 10.12.2015

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