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In the state of Alaska «woke up» volcano Theologian: the ash cloud has reached 9 km in height

Last Saturday the volcano Theologian, is located on one of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, threw a cloud of volcanic ash to a height of 30,000 ft (9 km), which is a threat to flying over the area of the aircraft.

About it writes on Sunday, July 9, website news service CNN, citing Observatory volcanoes in Alaska (AVO).

The article notes that the volcano showed seismic activity in December last year, and the fact that the rescue of this American state located on the highest «red» level of alert – due to the threat of unexpected eruptions and emissions.


The divine is a stratovolcano with a height of 150 meters, the underwater part of which goes to a depth of 5000 meters, is located on a small island with a diameter of 0,75х2 kilometers, which is part of the Fox Islands, located 40 kilometers North of the main Aleutian volcanic arc.

The size of the island from time to time change due to volcano activity. The top of the volcano repeatedly arose and destroyed, therefore scientists can’t figure out the chronology of the primary activity of the volcano.

The island consists of soils that the volcano has thrown to the surface in the period from 1796 to 1992. The primary eruption consisted of andesitic rocks, the last of the basalts. 600 metres to the East of the theologian is a tiny island, which is the result of the eruption of 1883, in which there is a volcanic dome.

Since 1796, there have been about a dozen submarine eruptions, explosive nature. Predposlednii time the volcano erupted in July 1992, while the particles of ash rose to a height of more than 3 kilometers and traveled 100 km on Southeast from the volcano. The last eruption began on 27 December 2016, in the beginning of the eruption the column of ash reached 9 kilometers.

The modern name of the island gave the Americans in 1881, after learning that the local population calls it «the Word of God.» Russian explorers in 1787, after landing on this island, hoisted him Orthodox cross and was called «the Theologian», said the website «Wikipedia».

In the state of Alaska «woke up» volcano Theologian: the ash cloud has reached 9 km in height 09.07.2017

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