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In the strike of the public sector is ready to engage medical personnel, firefighters, airports

The working Committee of the ambulance service «Magen David Adom» has announced that the organization will participate in the strike of the public sector, which starts at 06:00 on Wednesday 23rd December.

In the framework of the strike, the organization will operate in Sabbath mode. The last time the MADA staff went on strike in 2006.

We also recall that in the strike will be attended by the fire Department, passed from the jurisdiction of municipalities under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of internal security, but still retaining the right to strike.

In Sabbath mode, will run the administrative and medical staff all state hospitals and hospitals owned by health insurance Fund «Clalit».

In addition, the strike involved all government agencies, including the office of head of government and Council for national security, the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Office of population registration, border service, Ministry of transport, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of immigrant absorption, Ministry of internal security, the Ministry of education.

In the strike participate the Center of local government and local authorities, the municipality of Jerusalem, tel Aviv, Haifa, regional and local councils, religious councils, Association of cities, advice on design and construction, water Management, firefighting and rescue services, the nuclear research center in Dimona and the IDF civil servants.

Will not be accepted by patients and health insurance «Clalit» and «Meuhedet» will not be visitors in «Leumi» and IRS.

To strike will also be «Rakevet Israel», «egged», «Netivei Ayalon», the seaports, the airports authority (including the airport name Ben-Gurion airport, the airports of SDE Dov, Ovda and Eilat airport, as well as land border crossings on the borders with Jordan and Egypt).

The strike would be joined by teachers of primary, middle and high school educators WIZO and NAAMAT. It means that December 23 will not work schools and kindergartens belonging to women’s organizations, and urban preschools.

Will also strike the Open University, the Hebrew University, tel Aviv University, Haifa University, Bar-Ilan University, University of Ben Gurion, school networks, ORT and Amal schools and.

Today around noon, representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the «Histadrut» made the last attempt to reach a compromise. According to Union representatives, the negotiations can last until late at night, so accurate information about the strike will most likely be published only early in the morning on Wednesday.

On the eve of the Association of chambers of Commerce filed a national court of labour conflict an urgent claim with the requirement to issue a temporary ban on strike action by the public sector.

The Association asks the court to impose semi-annual moratorium on strike in the public sector and oblige the General Federation of trade unions and the Ministry of Finance during this time to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement.

In addition, the petition States that the issue of increasing administrative flexibility and mobility of public sector workers should be an integral part of the negotiations.

According to the lawsuit, from the beginning, this is the fourth threat of a major strike in Israel. «The market cannot operate under the constant threat of a strike, the very existence of which causes significant damage to the economy», — said in a statement.

Today a separate lawsuit in the court of labour disputes filed to the Ministry of Finance and education, as well as the center of local government, requiring to prohibit school organizations to participate in the strike.

According to the lawsuit, in the framework of reform of the «Oz Le Tmura» teachers pledged not to go on strike until August 2017.

Columnist of the newspaper «calcalist» Miki Peled predicts that the strike, even if it starts, will last only one-two days. Thus, according to Pelled, the Ministry of Finance this strike is advantageous because it does not have broad support of the population and only strengthen the position of the Ministry of Finance in the negotiations.

In the strike of the public sector is ready to engage medical personnel, firefighters, airports 22.12.2015

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