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In the sub-Commission of the Knesset discussed «misrepresentation» in the coverage of terror by foreign media

The meeting was one of the subcommittees of the Knesset was devoted to how foreign media report on the situation of terror in Israel. At the meeting were invited foreign journalists and representatives of the Foreign Ministry, the government press Bureau and the press services of the police and the IDF.

On 9 February, the Knesset held a special session of the Subcommission on legal protection of military servicemen in the Commission of the Knesset foreign Affairs and defense Committee chaired by Tzipi Livni. At the meeting devoted to the situation of terror in the foreign media, were invited foreign journalists, representatives of the foreign Ministry of Israel, government press office, the press services of the police and the IDF.

The reason for the discussion in the Knesset became more frequent publications, which are distorted or incorrect facts of the Israeli reality.

Tzipi Livni stressed before the meeting that the discussion should be businesslike. «We are obliged, putting emotions aside, deal with the causes of distorting the facts materials to the foreign media. And determine that we, Israel, can do to change the situation, how to deal with incorrect reporting». — said Livni.

Those present spoke, including the title of the material on CBS after the attack, which killed Adar Cohen, who sounded like «the Police shot and killed three Palestinians», while it was about the terrorists who killed 19-year-old soldier. Similar to the header «about the killing of the three Palestinians» was given and the Russian edition of BBC.

The meeting discussed in detail the operational channels provide accurate information to foreign journalists immediately after the attacks. They discussed ways to improve the effectiveness and collaboration of the Israeli entities that need to monitor the provision of accurate operational information. They also discussed logistics and responsible for prompt action in the case of foreign media, distorting the facts.

Livni: «Israel should consider working with foreign media as part of our fight against terror. While this debate should not be a court-martial for the foreign journalists, we are here to check on us to work with them and how you can improve the lighting of our opposition to terror, how to avoid mistakes in presenting information. It is important to understand that we, the Israeli side, they have to provide journalists with accurate information about what is happening».

Tzipi Livni addressed the audience at the meeting of foreign journalists: «You need to clearly separate the terrorists from their victims. And yet we see in the foreign press the last days of complete confusion with regard to terrorists and victims of terror…. If you do not specify that the victim, a Palestinian armed terrorist, then it causes a distorted sense of the allegedly strong state is killing innocent Palestinians. Your job as journalists to objectively cover the events, to show the reality, the facts. And the task of the Israeli competent institutions, — to provide timely all necessary information. To help fix, if the publication contained mistakes and inaccuracies».

According to Livni, the government press office of Israel, and the Ministry of foreign Affairs should constantly focus on educating representatives of foreign media, the fundamental differences between perpetrators of the attack terrorists and their victims.

In the sub-Commission of the Knesset discussed «misrepresentation» in the coverage of terror by foreign media 09.02.2016

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