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In the UK judge Nadeem Muhammad, who planned to blow up a plane Ryanair

The British court found 43-year-old Nadeem Muhammad guilty of the attempted terrorist attack on the plane Ryanair, a flight from Manchester to the Italian city of Bergamo, region Lombardia.

About it writes on Tuesday, August 8, British tabloid the Daily Mail.

The defendant, according to the investigation, tried to carry on Board an improvised explosive device, assembled from scrap materials. He was detained by the guards of the airport on 30 January this year.

During the trial it turned out that initially the police did not believe that an IED could explode. Muhammad was released from custody and flew to Bergamo five days later.

However, on 8 February this device has been studied by the experts and came to the conclusion that Muhammad, a native of Pakistan really planning to blow up the plane, and the device contained explosives – nitroglycerine and nitrocellulose, which are used for firearms.

The next day, Italian police raided the suspect’s house and at his workplace. Muhammad was taken to the police station, but released again after a couple of hours.

12 February, he flew back to Manchester, where he was arrested by the British police. The verdict in this case will be decided August 23.

In the UK judge Nadeem Muhammad, who planned to blow up a plane Ryanair

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