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In the United States died the hero of Soviet Union Stepan Borozenets

Monday, August 29, it became known that on August 26 in Chicago, died on 94-year-old Stepan Borozenets – famous pilot of the great Patriotic war, hero of the Soviet Union. It is reported TASS with reference to the Chairman of the Chicago Association of veterans Abram Sagalovich.

Started collecting funds for a monument Borisenco, the remaining surviving veteran of the 569 th attack aviation regiment, in which he was the Great Patriotic war.

Borozenets, Stepan was born on 20 August 1922 in the village of Aktyuba on the territory of modern Kazakhstan. In April 1941 he was conscripted into the Red Army, was the military aviation school, and in October 1943 sent the pilot to the 1st Belorussian front. Borozenets has carried out over 100 sorties, destroying a lot of military equipment and close to the enemy supply, repeatedly carried out reconnaissance flights. In July 1944, the Il-2 Brasinca was hit, but he managed to land the burning aircraft, receiving serious injuries to the face and back. In February 1945 he was wounded on the territory of Poland, returning from a combat mission, when a squadron of attack aircraft was attacked by German fighters. The pilot returned, and the end of the war met in Germany. On 18 August 1945 he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union for the heroism shown during the fulfillment of combat missions. After world war II, Borozenets, Stepan continued his military service and retired with the rank of Colonel in March 1978. May 9, 1995, was a member of the Victory Parade in Moscow, in the same year went to the USA for treatment and remained in Chicago. While Borozenets retained Russian citizenship.

TASS calls the Stepan Brasinca the last hero of the Soviet Union, who lived in the United States.

However, it remains unknown the fate of the hero of the Soviet Union Shabsy of G., who in June 1989, was stripped of his Soviet citizenship and moved to new Jersey and then to Connecticut. Reports of his demise were reported.

In may 2015, in Reston (Virginia, USA) on 92-m to year of life has died the Hero of the Soviet Union Moses Ukrainians.

The last hero of the Soviet Union living in Israel, he was Jacob died on June 6, 2015 in Netanya.

In the United States died the hero of Soviet Union Stepan Borozenets 29.08.2016

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