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In the USA the owners of drones will be obliged to register in the state database

According to the decision of the Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA), owners of drones are required to register before the first flight of the flying device, purchased after 21 December, the state database reports the BBC.

Users who purchased the drone prior to that date, for $ 5 you can register until 19 February 2016. According to the press service of the FAA, the office will seek to educate and not to punish those who did not register a flying vehicle, but for violating the decree provides for fines of up to $27.500, and in severe cases, a fine of up to $250.000 and imprisonment up to 3 years.

The law applies to aircraft weighing 228 g up to 22.7 kg for and directed to users 13 and older (children can register parents). After registration, each UAV is assigned a unique identification number that is written on the case.

The adoption of the law related to the increasing incidence of launching drones near airplanes and helicopters, at sporting events, as well as using them for spying. This initiative has already caused a wave of criticism among residents of the U.S., claiming that such measures will not help to deal with irresponsible behavior – just like the strict laws don’t stop drivers getting behind the wheel without a license.

In the USA the owners of drones will be obliged to register in the state database 15.12.2015

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