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In Turkey discovered an ancient «smiley face» in the history

A group of Turkish and Italian archeologists that led the excavation of the ancient city of the Hittite Carchemish near the border of Syria and Turkey, found among the ceramic ware, an unusual pitcher.

«It was drawn smiley face «smiley». Other traces of paint on the jug was not. Nothing like the ancient ceramics of the region have not met,» — said the British newspaper the Independent head of the excavation nicolò Marchetti of Bologna University.

The jug was discovered in the rich burial, along with other utensils. As suggested by archaeologists, it was made 3.700-4.000 years ago. He’s got a narrow neck and small handle. It is assumed that from a pitcher and drank sherbet.

The current expedition is working in the area of Carchemish for seven years. The first excavations conducted in the years 1911-1914 the British expedition of professors Hoggarth, Thompson and Woolley, which included an archaeologist Thomas Edward Lawrence. Subsequently, he became Lawrence of Arabia, the leader of the Great Arab revolt.

At the beginning of the second Millennium BC Carchemish was one of the most powerful city-States of the Middle East. His tenure covered a large part of modern Syria and Turkey. However, in the IX century BC the city was conquered by the Assyrians and fell into disrepair.

In Turkey discovered an ancient «smiley face» in the history 20.07.2017

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