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In Turkey, the blogger judged that compared Erdogan with Gollum

Tuesday, 1 December, a Turkish court turned for help to the experts to assess the apparent similarities of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Gollum – negative character of kinotrilogii «Lord of the rings» and «Hobbit», filmed by Peter Jackson based on novels j.P.P.Tolkien.

An appeal to the experts was made during a court hearing on the case Bilgin Çiftçi, who is accused of insulting the head of state.

Çiftçi-posted with his Twitter three pairs of images were shown next and Erdogan Gollum.

His guilt must now determine the experts. But it is unclear what criteria will be guided by this expert group, which included two academics, two scientists, a psychologist, specialists in film and television production, writes the Turkish publication Zaman.

The need of experts judge substantiated by the fact that he haven’t seen any «Lord of the rings» or «Hobbit.»

The next hearing is scheduled for February 2016.

After against Çiftçi, a lawsuit was filed by the state, on Twitter with the hashtag began to spread BilginCiftci image of Erdogan next to Gollum.

A medical doctor’s job is terminated by the state for sharing this picture
#BilginCiftci #AKP @RT_Erdogan

— A. Kadir Yildirim (@akyildirim) October 15, 2015

Note that often social media can be found adjacent image of Gollum and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who recently became the worst enemy of Erdogan. But you do not know a single case where a blogger was tried in Russia for such publications.

In Turkey, the blogger judged that compared Erdogan with Gollum 02.12.2015

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