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In Yemen, entered into force a truce

At noon local time in Yemen entered into force the agreement on cease-fire between the Saudi Arabia-led Arab coalition, supported her Yemeni army troops and Shiite rebels-Houthis.

According to the original plan, the truce was to begin at midnight. However, Saudi Arabia without explanation moved it to 12 hours. The coalition reported that reserves the right to respond to provocations Houthis.

The truce is due to begin in Switzerland the negotiations about the settlement of the situation in Yemen. The previous round, held in Geneva in June, ended in vain. Then the parties accused each other for the talks ‘ failure.

On the eve of the ceasefire, the BBC Arabic coalition attacked positions of the Shiite. Killing at least 13 civilians, more than 20 were injured.

Previously, the Iranian-backed Houthis fired missiles at positions of the coalition in the North-West of the country. It is reported that among the dozens killed two high-ranking officers of the armies of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

In Yemen, entered into force a truce 15.12.2015

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