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In Yemen it was found bombs Hizbullah, disguised as rocks

Organization Conflict Armament Research published a report according to which Yemeni Houthis use the same bombs as the Lebanese group «Hezbollah», and exactly the same result under fragments of rocks.

According to the report, it shows that Iran and its satellites supply the Houthis with weapons and military technologies. Other weapons used by the opponents of the internationally recognized government of Yemen — ballistic missiles.

Kuwait called for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with a rocket bombardment of Riyadh with Yemen. This state holds Iran responsible for the rocket bombardment of the capital of Saudi Arabia, causing the death of Egyptian citizen.

Demanding Iran to stop supplying weapons to Shia Yemeni Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson. He called on the regime of the ayatollahs to use the influence and means to the solution, not exacerbating the Yemeni crisis.

In Yemen it was found bombs Hizbullah, disguised as rocks 26.03.2018

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