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Increased the number of victims of the storm in the northeast USA

The number of victims of the storm raging in the North-Eastern United States has risen to seven, reported ABC. Among the victims were two children. The cause of death in all cases fallen trees or large branches.

More than 2 million homes and businesses remain without electricity. The number of States where there have been massive power outages were new York, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Utility services are transferred into emergency operation mode, in order to quickly restore the flow of energy.

In Massachusetts recorded dozens of floods in which the water leaving the lower floors of buildings and parked cars. Particularly affected from street flooding the city of Quincy.

As can be seen from the website FlightAware, which tracks the movement of aircraft, due to the bad weather in the North-Eastern States on Saturday were canceled at least 250 flights. This applies, in particular, the airports in new York, Newark (new Jersey), Boston (Massachusetts), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), and Washington.

Railway company Amtrak announced earlier that they temporarily suspend the movement of trains on the most North-Eastern areas due to adverse weather conditions. To date, restored service between new York and Washington, as well as new York and Boston, reports TASS.

Forecasters say the so-called «bombogenesis»: the development of the cyclone, possessing great destructive force. To ensure that the cyclone was attached to «bombs», the pressure in the center of the cyclone has to fall by 24 millibars in 24 hours.

Increased the number of victims of the storm in the northeast USA 03.03.2018

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