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Independent: Hitler has been born with defective genitalia

Medical documents discovered in recent times, indicate that the leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler had only one testicle because of a congenital defect, reports The Independent.

According to the newspaper, these data are contained in the report of the medical examination of Hitler in prison, where he was in 1923 after the failed «Beer hall putsch».

In documents it is written that Hitler had right-sided cryptorchidism, that is, not the omission of the testis into the scrotum, claims a German history Professor Peter Fleischmann has.

These data are in contrast with two other common versions about the state of the genital organs of Hitler. One of them, he was suffering from the effects of wounds in the groin during the battle of the Somme in 1916. According to another version, voiced his paediatrician in 1943, Hitler’s genitals were healthy.

Independent: Hitler has been born with defective genitalia 19.12.2015

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