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Independent: Who believes in «Islamic rape of Europe»? It seems that many

Abdul Azim Ahmed

This week the Polish magazine wSieci made on the cover title «the Islamic rape of Europe», writes Independent columnist Abdul Azim Ahmed. The cover shows a white-skinned blonde in the dress from the EU flag, which grab someone’s brown hands.

«The way metaphorical, but refers directly to a recent case where a migrant male was harassing women in Cologne and other European cities,» writes the author.

In his opinion, there is a long-standing motif in Western history: «from the first days of European colonialism literature and art regularly depicted as dark-skinned or black man «savage» sticks to a chaste white woman or raping her.»

After the harassment that took place in Cologne on new year’s night, the German authorities began to give migrants instructions on etiquette. The author calls these tips «paternalistic and condescending».

Ahmed believes that there is a desire to attribute the crime to any particular race. It fuels the rhetoric of European far-right and reinforces the notion that some races or groups of people collectively guilty of these crimes.

To take the first step to getting rid of these stereotypes, we must recognize that they exist. Polish magazine made it very, very definitely, the author concludes.

Independent: Who believes in «Islamic rape of Europe»? It seems that many 19.02.2016

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