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«Index of democracy»: the Jews and the Arabs don’t want to live near, but not ready to emigrate

Tuesday, November 10, was published the annual report «democracy Index». This document was prepared by the Israeli democracy Institute on the basis of surveys of the Institute for the study of public opinion, «Dialogue», in which participated 1.019.

47% of respondents believe that the biggest tensions in the society prevails in the relations between Jews and Arabs. In second place is split between left and right (18%).

47% of the Jewish respondents perceived that the majority of Arabs did not accept the existence of a Jewish state and support an active struggle aimed at its destruction. 37,5% believe that the government should encourage the emigration of Arabs from Israel.

54% of Jews support the equitable distribution of budgetary funds between localities. At the same time, 67% of Arabs claimed not to feel an integral part of the state.

76% of Arab respondents believe that they can be part of a «Palestinian people» and to retain the loyalty of the state of Israel, 55.5% of respondents-Jews don’t believe in it.

85% of Arabs would like to see Arab parties of the government coalition, while only 35% of Jews have expressed a similar wish.

73.5% of the Jews who participated in the survey are convinced that crucial decisions relating, in particular, war and peace, should be accepted by the Jewish majority.

According to the report, 43.5% of the respondents are not ready to live side by side foreign workers, 30% are mentally ill, 24% — with the ultra-Orthodox and 22% from same-sex couples. 36% of Jews want to coexist with the Arabs, and 36% of Arabs would not want to see the neighbors of the Jews.

In the conflict between Jewish and democratic part of the state is almost in full equality: 36,5% of the respondents stated that they are more important than the Jewish state, 35.5 percent chose democratic, and 27% stated that both components are equally important.

The IDF remains the most popular institution of Israeli society and is trusted by 85% of respondents. In second place is the President of the state (70%) and the third — the Supreme court (62%). The police has the trust of only 42% of citizens, the government – 36%, the Knesset, 35%, and political parties are trusted by only 19% of citizens.

55% of respondents oppose restrictions on the powers of the Supreme court, 32% support the initiative.

69% of Jews and 76% of Arabs oppose a legal ban on criticism of certain actions of the authorities. At the same time, when it comes to the conflict between freedom of expression and security, the picture changes: 59% of respondents find acceptable the Jews control over social networks, while 56% believe that human rights organizations harm the state.

84% of Jews and Arabs stated that they would continue to live in Israel even if you will receive citizenship of the USA or European States. 75% of respondents said their current situation is good.

«Index of democracy»: the Jews and the Arabs don’t want to live near, but not ready to emigrate 10.11.2015

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