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Indian shot by the wife who has not had time to give him lunch

Ashok Kumar, a 60-year resident of Ghaziabad, located in the West Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, shot his 55-year-old wife because she is not timely filed his lunch.

About this crime on Saturday night, wrote on Monday, July 10, the news service of the BBC.

Kumar returned home intoxicated and had an argument with the wife, Sunaina, unhappy that her husband drank. She expressed a desire to discuss this fact before filing my husband’s dinner.

This led Kumar to rage and he drew his gun and put a bullet in her head. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital with cherepno-a brain trauma and died a short time later. The defendant pleaded guilty and expressed remorse, the newspaper reports.

The authors note that domestic violence has become a scourge of India in the last ten years. In 2015, such incidents occurred in the country every four minutes. Most of the victims were women, and the perpetrators of the tragedy – their husbands and relatives.

The results of a study conducted with the support of the government of India, indicate that 54% of men and 51% women of this country recognize the right of a husband to beat his wife if she showed disrespect to him, didn’t have enough homework, or even salty food.

Indian shot by the wife who has not had time to give him lunch

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