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Indicted for the murder of Viktor Kharitonov

The state Prosecutor’s office submitted to court an indictment against 44-year-old resident of Ashdod, Yaroslav Mazaruni, a suspect in the murder of a neighbor.

According to the indictment, in June 2017, Mazaruni during a dispute with a neighbor, Victor Haritonov, attacked him, beat and inflicted stab wound, which proved fatal.

The conflict was caused by abuse, heard Mazarini from Kharitonov wife, Margaret, during a telephone conversation with Kharitonov.

Mazaruni, went outside, armed with brass knuckles with vasilisadimitrinka pop-up blade. He went to the apartment Kharitonov to demand an apology, but stumbled on the couple in the street.

According to investigators, the defendant attacked Margaret and struck her in the face, and then Kharitonov stood between them. During the struggle, defendant struck Kharitonov stabbed in the neck.

Indicted for the murder of Viktor Kharitonov 03.07.2017

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