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Influential Saudi theologian urged to abandon Abaya

A member of the religious Council in the Royal court of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Abdullah al-Mutlaq said that the faithful Muslim women not required to wear an Abaya – the traditional black robe, hiding the body.

«More than 90% of the pious followers of Islam in the middle East do not wear the Abaya. We can’t force her to wear,» said the influential theologian, speaking in TV programs.

His statement was seen as further evidence started the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman liberalization of society. Inhabitant of the Kingdom has been able to pass the driver’s license and attend social events.

We will add that in September 2017 Shaykh al-Mutlaq has caused a fierce debate when, also in a television broadcast, suggested to abandon the celebration of birthdays – for economic reasons.

«This is unacceptable. Such celebrations are very heavy burden for the family budget. But even those who have the money, you should find them a better use, not to promote their own ruin,» — said the Evangelist then.

Influential Saudi theologian urged to abandon Abaya 11.02.2018

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