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Inspector of kashrut in Jerusalem gets paid for the 27-hour day

State Comptroller Yosef Shapira found in the system of supervision over the kashrut of a number of violations indicates the existence of corruption and fraud in the religious councils.

In particular, in the religious councils of Jerusalem, Netanya, and Rehovot, the inspectors of kashrut were paid for the «unreal» work hours. So, 40 inspectors in Jerusalem, according to the documents, to work more than 16 hours per day, 16 inspectors, 20 to 24 hours a day, with one inspector responsible for 18 businesses up and running, according to the documents, 27 hours a day.

In Rehovot was discovered by the inspector, receive a salary for 20-hour working day. One of the inspectors of Netanya, according to the documents, works 21 hours a day.

Only in Israel there is 3.800 inspectors of kashrut from the religious councils. 95% of inspectors are employed by the owners of the shops and points of obamerica that they control.

We will remind, recently the High court of justice ruled that the inspectors responsible for the supervision of kashrut, should not be in direct dependence on the owners of shops and points of obamerica and should not receive their salary. According to the court, the chief Rabbinate in the 14 months to rebuild the system, the first lawsuit which was filed in 2004 by lawyer Mordechai Eisenbahn.

Inspector of kashrut in Jerusalem gets paid for the 27-hour day 17.05.2017

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